More Than Myself

In December, my wife and I will be running in the San Antonio Humana Rock’n’Roll half marathon. In addition to that, we also became official fundraisers for St. Jude’s Hospital. Our goal is simple – $500 a piece. We are running for a brave precious girl named Avalyn. Feel free to check out more about her journey here.

Keeping within the context of fighting a cancer related illness, many of my readers know that my blog has served as my outlet as my way of coping with the loss of my father, who passed away from leukemia 6 years ago. I will also be running in his honor, as I picked up running when he was diagnosed. Running served as my way of decompressing, to de-stress. I have kept up with the habit ever since.

By making a donation on my page, you are not helping myself and my wife – you are helping young children like Avalyn. You are helping out Avalyn’s caregivers. You are helping to ensure that these caregivers, parents, and families are not burdened by heavy medical bills while their child is receiving treatment. You are helping life – both living and lost. Donate today on my official St. Jude’s fundraising page!

See you at the finish line.

— Ben


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